Welcome to a website where the mysteries of the gangster underworld, many secrets of the unseen spiritual realm are revealed and explained to you, but only as far as our Father GOD would allow me to see and to know! I hope that this page will be informative to those who are spiritually mature and those with understanding and insight.

My name is Taswell and I am medically diagnosed as a C4 Complete quadriplegic, paralyzed from the shoulders down. I have been in the wheelchair ever since September 1990 as a result of a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and right now I am privileged to be using a chin-control motorized wheelchair since April 2006. At the time of my accident I was married with two children and when I was discharged after spending six months in rehabilitation at Conradie Hospital, my wife and I separated and subsequently divorced a year later. Nineteen years after my divorce I found love again in a special woman, Edwina, who also has two children, and the two of us got married in December 2011.

My father Adam passed away in January 2006, my second eldest sister Naomi passed away just four months after my father in May 2006. My eldest sister Linda passed away in May 2012 and my mother Gladys passed away a few days ago in September 2013 (my mom has not even been buried yet as I am writing this piece). For the past ten years I have been struggling with bedsores, periodic fevers and sicknesses, bladder infections, kidney infections, lung infections and ever since my accident I have had seven operations. Suffice to say that I had my fair share of suffering.

I have been a gangster for twenty years and for the most part I have been a leader of one of the most powerful gangs in Cape Town, the Ugly Americans; I started a branch of this gang in my hometown Bonteheuwel and was very involved in spreading the influence and power of this gang all across the Western Cape. I’ve been in prison, stabbed, shot at, in police car chases and been involved in four car accidents (two in stolen vehicles). Ten years in the wheelchair and I was still involved in high level decision-making in my gang until 10th April 2000 when I surrendered my gangster lifestyle to Jesus Christ and became a born-again Christian. I am now a preacher in the wheelchair and my wife and I started a new ministry, Issachar Prophetic Ministries. Because of my in-depth knowledge of the mysterious dynamics of gangsterism, but above all….revelation and wisdom from the Holy Spirit, I have been involved in ministry towards gangs. I have been involved in peace negotiations in times of warfare and by the grace of GOD have been successful in achieving peace resolutions.

I believe that my experiences have me taught very well, I believe my suffering has kept me in humility and gave me wisdom and understanding. However, I will not even attempt to exalt myself to the levels of the Apostles and Prophets, because their sufferings far outweighs my small measure of suffering!  This site is

designed to assist and empower Pastors, family members and ex-gangsters with healing and deliverance and knowledge! Our ministry also desires to reconnect the Church with that love for Israel and to teach and give scriptural clarity on the blessing of celebrating the biblical feasts that YAHWEH has instituted. I am so grateful to the LORD for my friend Leigh Telli of The Messianic Testimony and Luba Manyakiso of International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ) that have been labouring intensely to restore the relationships between Christians and the Jewish people. 




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