Donations and Sponsorship

Hello again to all of you visitors of this website. May the words on this page bless you and not disturb you as I lay this matter before you.

I expect that if you read my personal profile in the Welcome Notice and if you have also read my articles in the Blog section, especially “When the Blood Don’t Stop” then you would have a fair understanding of the nature of my work and ministry.

I am an unemployed servant of GOD that does all my work out of a wheelchair! Fortunately a friend of mine blessed me with a brand new Acer Laptop which allows me to do most of my research and blogging from this workstation. I am unable to use my hands because of my spinal cord injury therefore I use a built-in Windows™ Speech Recognition Program that affords me the luxury and privilege of voice-activated command typing. Alternatively I use a “mouth-stick”, a wooden stick that I grip in my mouth to physically type on the Laptop’s keyboard, depending on where I am.

When I lay in bed then I can only use the Speech Recognition Program, but I cannot use the mouth-stick. When I am sitting in the wheel-chair then I can use the mouth-stick, because I need to use my neck muscles while typing. I am blessed with an electric chin-control wheelchair, which gives me a greater measure of freedom of movement. It is within this wheelchair that I physically ride to the different gang territories to engage their leaders with Peace Talks. I usually try to make contact via the cell phone first and every cell phone call is a conversation filed with negotiations, because if I cannot present my case adequately enough in the initial stages then none of the gang leaders will agree to see me or even come to a Peace meeting! 

I don’t have my own transport yet so every time when I have preaching or teaching appointments, or prayer events, or if I have to attend any ministry associated with the Peace initiatives outside of my immediate jurisdiction, Bonteheuwel, then I am wholly dependent on the transportation of other people.

I am in the process of registering and buying the domain of this website for security purposes, which will cost me R169 per year. These are but a few of my expenses that I have shared with you now.

My humble request to you is if you enjoy visiting this website with a difference then I pray that you may decide to bless this dangerous ministry financially in any way that you feel you spirit is leading you. Even if you just commit yourself to intercede for me or send me an encouraging comment on my website all the time, then even that would bless me tremendously!

Bank Details:

Account holder: Taswell Alexander

Standard Bank: Adderley Street, Cape Town, South Africa

Account Type: Pure Save

Account number: 074216945 

Branch code: 020009


Alternatively you can deposit money into my Paypal account