Dragon Overlords Ruling Over the Underworld Part 1

20/11/2013 15:01

By Taswell Alexander   


In the year 2007 I found myself struck down with a fever for the whole of the month of February. It was the first time since my paralysis in September 1990 that I have experienced my body being tormented by a fever for such an extended period of time.

I was very sick and I had a preaching appointment at our church on Wednesday, the 28th of February and I knew that I had to organize a substitute preacher, but I did not. I remember somewhere during that month, I can’t remember which day it was, but I remember I had dream one of those feverish nights. I also remember the times that I did manage to fall asleep was few and far in between and yet I dreamt. I dreamt that a Komodo dragon was trying to fly through the closed window in the back upstairs bedroom of our home.

Komodo1 dragon: a very large monitor lizard native to Komodo and neighbouring Indonesian islands (Varanus komodoensis)[i]

On the last Tuesday of the month on the 27th of February 2007 I had a Doctor’s Appointment at the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre (WCRC). My sister Linda accompanied me to the hospital and after my own spinal doctor, who has been my physician since 1990, examined me he told me that the fever was caused by a bladder infection. The doctor drained my bladder and amazingly I immediately felt much better! When we arrived at home I informed my sister that I’m going to honour my preaching appointment the next evening and I just thought that I’m going to pray and trust GOD to impart a message into my spirit.

The next evening on Wednesday, 28 February I went to church and preached at the evening Service at our church. While I was preaching, and unbeknown to me, Linda saw a spiritual vision of a dragon continuously striking at me with a sickle, but not hitting me. My eldest sister Linda (who passed away on Monday, 21st May 2012) had a powerful and beautiful gift of discernment.

After the service Linda and I discussed the vision that the LORD gave to her and we prayed to GOD to give us revelation and wisdom about the vision and about dragons.

During that period of fasting and praying GOD’s Holy Spirit reminded me of a time in my past when I was still involved with the Taiwanese. I remembered that at one point my Taiwanese friend Rong Gwa Lin and I had a conversation about them putting a dragon tattoo on my back. He described how the dragon would cling on my back with the head coming over my right shoulder, with the front and hind legs coming around to the front of my chest and stomach; the dragon’s tail also curling around the front of my waist. I was very excited at this massive Chinese dragon tattoo that would be tattooed on my body, but somehow we never had the necessary time to do the tattoo. Then I became paralysed in a car accident and while I was still in hospital my friends came to the hospital to say good bye, because they were scheduled to fly back to Taiwan, and after that I never saw them again!

The Holy Spirit ministered unto me that my Father never allowed them to put that satanic dragon on my body. The Holy Spirit revealed that with that particular dragon tattoo on my body the Devil would have used me as a gateway between the East and the South, between the Far East and South Africa! This dragon would have taken me to the highest and deepest levels of the international criminal underworld and I would have opened up secret spiritual doorways for the drug trade, the modern slave trade and the trade in technologically advanced weapon systems! When I refer to the modern slave trade I refer to human trafficking; the cross-border smuggling of human beings for cheap labour, prostitution and paedophilia.   

I can only imagine the amount of satanic power that I would have exercised if the Devil had positioned me on the highest pinnacle of the gangster world in South Africa. The different gangs and crime syndicates I would have controlled and influenced, the international business corporations I would have owned, I would have been a global power broker, with the ability to buy and sell power in the market place and the black market! This dragon would have given me authority to fly to any country on any continent and with my physical presence open up portals for the kingdom of darkness to activate new levels of criminal operations. This is high-level Nephilim mind-control programming that Satan has designed for the Last Days!

I found out that the Chinese people believe that the dragon has power over the weather, the rain and the clouds and harvests. It is said that people would perform ritualistic dragon dances to invoke rain and good harvests.

“Deities: Legend has it that the "divine dragon" used his tail to dredge a river, helping the Emperor Yu, founder of the Hsia Dynasty (2183-1752 B.C.), drain water off flooded farmland. After becoming the spiritual overseer of water, the dragon was also vested with the power to conjure clouds and rain. Thus, both the Han and Miao performed dragon dances seeking favorable weather and good harvests.” (Taiwan Dragon Folklore)

I believe that if I had this massive dragon tattoo on my back and I went dancing in a nightclub then that dragon spirit could have transformed my dancing into a ritualistic dragon dance invoking a deity for a good harvest! But a good harvest for what? I believe a good harvest for the drug trade…a good harvest for the slave trade…a good harvest for bloodshed!!! The Holy Spirit revealed unto me that this might sound very comical to those that have no understanding of the movements in the spiritual realm, but this is truly what would have happened!

Below is a person with a dragon tattoo curling over the right shoulder from the back to the front. This is just a depiction, but I know it would not have looked exactly the same.

(Tattoo by Ainslie Heilich)

Most of the dragon tattoos I have seen have three and four toes on its claws, because one ancient Chinese legend believes the nobility and royal superiority of the Emperor allows him alone to have a dragon with five toes.

Out of 88 star constellations we find a very large star constellation called the Draco (Dragon) star constellation in the North with a considerable amount of bright stars and galaxies. Draco is the eight largest of the star constellations in the night sky occupying an area of 1083 square degrees.

Draco consists of 24 major stars and 12 planetary nebulas and galaxies, which is known as Deep Sky Objects.

During my time in prayer the Spirit of the LORD revealed to me that the major stars in the Draco constellation would have been strategically tattooed within the image of the dragon tattoo on my body! This would effectively have connected me and bound me to heavenly beings, which would have given me authority to do programming or nullify programming between Earth and Heaven (the area where Satan and his princes dwell). I know that there is a dragon that is overseer over the gangster underworld in Cape Town and lately I have noticed that other gangsters also wear dragon tattoos on their bodies!

GOD, in His wisdom and grace have removed me before I could occupy that occultic position, but the sad question that I have posed to the LORD is, who is the other gangster or gangsters that Satan has called to fulfil that vacant position! I am still praying to the LORD GOD Almighty to grant me revelation so that I can intercede for them. I would not even be surprised if Satan is using a backslidden Christian who still has an occultic calling on his life.

(Jer 33:3)  Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and inscrutable things which you do not know.


May GOD bless you with understanding as you chew slowly and patiently on this spiritual meat. For these are those inscrutable and unsearchable things that we had no knowledge of that only GOD can reveal!  

I hope to share more about the Draconian Order in my follow-up article. Please enjoy!