Sing a Song of Praise!

26/11/2013 15:16


In the Bonteheuwel Methodist Church we usually celebrate the Anniversary of our Sunday School on the last Sunday in the month of November. Suffice to say that this Sunday, the 24th of November was the designated day of the Sunday School Play.

The stage was assembled and set up Saturday afternoon by the men and on Sunday morning the stage was filled with about ±40 children and their Sunday School teachers.

The lead character in the play was a Songbook named Salty and his adversary was a big nasty rat. The theme of the day was “Sing a Praise Song” and Salty’s introduction to the congregation was….”Welcome to our Fantastic Praise Party.”

There were painted boxes, balloons, brightly coloured beachballs, hoola hoops, tambourines and marshmallows on sticks and a kiddies tent....all part of the props! 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself with the praise songs and dancing of the children; pure unadulterated praise from the lips of babes! No jealousy…no envy….no animosity…no conflict! Just pure vigorous, vibrant and joyful singing and dancing praises to the LORD Jesus Christ!

 (Mat 21:16)  The men said to Jesus, "Don't you hear what those children are saying?" "Yes, I do!" Jesus answered. "Don't you know that the Scriptures say, 'Children and infants will sing praises'?"

(Contemporary English Version)


 The Sunday School usually minister in both Services; the morning and evening Service and I was on the preaching plan for the evening Service. Sunday was an extremely hot and humid day and yet the children kept on singing and dancing, but unfortunately there were only about 26 children on stage at the evening Service.

When I preached I preached a very short ten minute sermon, because I understood that Sunday School teachers and children alike were very tired and I discerned that praises had already activated an atmosphere of blessing. I was not about to take anything away from their beautiful ministry and my scripture reading and interpretation was only a supplement to their powerful and energetic release of praises!

What a beautiful way to spend the day and a very SPECIAL thank you and blessings to the Sunday School Teachers and children for being very creative and making SOMETHING out of NOTHING!