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 noun a set of beliefs or principles held and taught by a Church, political party, or other group. 

Middle English: from Old French, from Latin doctrina 'teaching, learning', from doctor 'teacher', from docere 'teach'.
Oxford Dictionary
Does a criminal gang have a doctrine? Of course they do! They are a group of men or women or men and women that live by a set of beliefs and principles held and taught by their authority structures or “ancestral” gang structures, meaning those gang members who have passed away, maybe long before the existence of present gang members.
Their doctrines and lifestyles are not godly, but evil, because they operate outside of the parameters and boundaries of normal society and it is definitely in rebellion against the teachings of Jesus Christ! They are bound by demonic laws and rituals that defines who and what they are in the confines of the gangster underworld and also as they operate within society. These laws differ considerably from normal human behaviour and social etiquette as expected by society and culture. When a gangster makes a covenant with his gang he is expected to move within the boundaries of traditional gang structures that have already been established to guide his actions.
These doctrines and laws are occultic legislation that manipulates and controls the minds of its members. A military-style ranking system with different levels of authority and power will exercise harsh disciplinary measures within the local gang or violent retribution against rival gang groups. These actions and counter-actions have been designed to instill and maintain fear in the other party or parties!


Gangster Language

(Jer 9:3)  Their tongues are bent like a bow to send out false words: they have become strong in the land, but not for good faith: they go on from evil to evil, and they have no knowledge of me, says the Lord.


He whose tongue is bent like a bow to send out false words is he who uses the language of “Salambom”, the language of the Number who “Sabella” all day in prison!

The first priority during a new member’s initiation/induction process is to train these new members the secret language (Sterianos) of the gangs which are not understood by the officials of the DCS. This secret language consists of an alphabet for writing purposes and a verbal language purposes which is known as Sabela. New recruits are only trained in regard to the verbal language (Sabela) which training can take up to 6 months. The alphabet for writing purposes is restricted to top management (Springs or Wolke and Twelve Points)1 (Services).

The Numbers 26, 27 and 28 have cunningly developed a secret language of communication that only they can understand. I believe that the blueprint to this secretive and rebellious language was handed over by a satanic prince. The unified use of this demonic language in prison gives power and authority to those in the Number system. Look at what GOD says about the power of people who speak with one language….

(Gen 11:5)  And the Lord came down to see the town and the tower which the children of men were building.

(Gen 11:6)  And the Lord said, See, they are all one people and have all one language; and this is only the start of what they may do: and now it will not be possible to keep them from any purpose of theirs.

(Gen 11:7)  Come, let us go down and take away the sense of their language, so that they will not be able to make themselves clear to one another.

(Gen 11:8)  So the Lord God sent them away into every part of the earth: and they gave up building their town.

(Gen 11:9)  So it was named Babel, because there the Lord took away the sense of all languages and from there the Lord sent them away over all the face of the earth.


GOD scattered the people and confused their language! The LORD gave us mysterious and wonderful secret diverse tongues as one of His nine spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12.


  1. Department of Correctional Services, D. o. Anti-Gang Strategy Information Manual.

This prison language is definitely not a spiritual gift from GOD, but a spiritual gift from Satan! From sunrise to sundown, from sundown to sunrise they utter their proclamations into the atmosphere. Everytime when these men Sabela they form spiritual gridlines over the city’s atmosphere, which create hindrances in the spiritual realm against the prophetic anointing! (TBC)