Conflict in Bonteheuwel

17/08/2014 12:22

By Taswell Alexander


I am alone at home….sitting in front of my laptop and trying to write. I’m working on my old IBM because my primary workstation, the Acer, is faulty again! This is really frustrating, because I have a lot of backlog that accumulated while I spent about four months in bed as a result of pressure sores.

The gang violence has escalated again in Cape Town just as a war has erupted again in the Middle East between the military force of Israel and the terrorist militia of Hamas. From a prophetic perspective I tend to observe what happens in the Middle East with Israel and her neighbors, because I know that much of the things that happen in and around Israel will definitely have an effect on the global financial and economic circumstances as well as peace and security across the different continents.

As a Peace Negotiator I hope to take advantage of the brief Ceasefire that was implemented between Israel and Hamas, because a verbal and written declaration was made into the spiritual realm to cease firing rockets and rifles for a certain period of time! The conflict situation in Bonteheuwel has become so dire, because the problems that caused the latest gang wars have almost multiplied tenfold since the last time we sat down with the gang leaders of Bonteheuwel. Three different groups that operated outside the borders of Bonteheuwel have now gained tremendous ground in Bonteheuwel, because of their strategic affiliations and entering into evil covenant with resident gang organizations in Bonteheuwel. In the old days definite and deliberate lines were drawn; certain criminal organizations would be affiliated to and part of the 26 and the 27 prison gangs and other criminal organizations would be exclusively affiliated to and part of the 28 prison gangs. It used to be Kilikjana and Mpumalanga against Nongoloza, but now the lines are blurred….everyone is mixing and forming alliances with everyone!      

It is Thursday morning and I am on my way to the Vanguard Community Health Centre to meet with 25 to 30 first year Occupational Therapy students from the University of Cape Town. On my way someone informs me that there has been another fatal shooting incident near to the high school that I am about to pass. When my nephew, JM, and I passed by I learned that the ambulance had already taken the body of the deceased away. I did not share this information with the OT students during our lecture session, because I knew that for most of them it was their first time in Bonteheuwel and I did not see the need to scare them or freak them out in any way.

I am becoming very frustrated and agitated because of my inability to physically engage those gang members that are right now involved in this bloody gang war that is threatening to destroy the very fabric of our communities. Terror and fear has already taken an unholy hold over an over-burdened community that has unfortunately experienced too much pain and misery in the past!       

To be Continued....