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On the last weekend of January 2016 the LORD spoke to me about leaving the Bonteheuwel Methodist Church, a church that I basically grew up in; a church where I have been active in leadership for many years and a church where I as a man in a wheelchair, enjoyed a very strong and solid support structure. I ministered here and in the circuit as a student preacher from 2004 to 2005 and as a full preacher from 2006 to 2016. 

I prayed intensely and discussed it with my wife extensively and we both sought our Father GOD together in prayer for guidance. I asked the LORD where we should go and the Holy Spirit implanted a word in my spirit that we should plant a new church!


Then I remembered…. In 2001 my late sister, Naomi, gave me a prophetic word; she said to me, “Taswell, I see you preaching to a field full of people and I see you have your ‘own’ church.”

At the time I was still a baby Christian and still very immature and because of my ignorance I did not receive that prophecy, but now after so many years I realize that the prophecy has come to fulfilment.

GOD gave us a specific instruction for this new church.

I have always had a special love for Israel and my late sister Linda and I have always been Sabbath keepers and when Edwina came into my life I learned that she was also a woman who loved Israel and celebrated the Biblical feasts. The Holy Spirit revealed to me how many churches have lost their love for Israel and are now following the World Church and secular organizations that is promoting this policy of Boycott Divest and Sanction (BDS) Israel.

Our assignment is to restore the relationship between the Christian Church and Israel and continue to teach about GOD’s ordained feasts, even though there are some in the Church that will not agree with me. Edwina and I even had a Hebraic wedding ceremony!

Another ministry that I am including is the Peacemaker ministry that I have been involved in. ever since my conversion on the 10th of April 2000, I have been involved in a ministry towards gangs, because of my background as a gang leader in Cape Town in the 1980s.

The LORD has been speaking to me about Halfway Houses and Places of Refuge for ex-gangsters and gangsters that still want to leave that lifestyle behind; so we are going to need properties in the Western Cape and beyond!

By the grace of GOD, Edwina and I are both fluent in the Prophetic and the Prayer and Intercession ministries and therefore we have been instructed by our Father to start an Apostolic and Prophetic centre that will be like a Hub in South Africa!        

By the design of GOD we met a very powerful and anointed man of GOD, Apostle Martin Mofokeng, who graciously agreed to be our apostolic covering. His church, Kings Dominion Ministries, in Lenasia, Johannesburg, has now become our house of worship and I am happy to announce that we will be launching our new church from Thursday the 24th of November until Sunday the 27th of November 2016; the KINGS DOMINION MINISTRIES CAPE TOWN (KDM Cape Town)! The location that GOD gave is 524 Landsdowne Road, Landsdowne, Cape Town.   

I heard a new sound! The sound that GOD gave me was a SOUND OF FIRE destroying the authority and legal ground that the BLOOD ALTARS have been given in Cape Town! A multitude of spiritual pregnancies and births have been prophesied over the Church and over Cape Town in the past, but many Strong Men have exercised Legal Authority in the spiritual realm and have succeeded in bringing numerous of these prophesied pregnancies to still-born births and miscarriages! The revelation that GOD gives me is that Cape Town is the prophetic GATEWAY not only to Africa, but also to the whole Southern Hemisphere! Kings Dominion is trusting the LORD to be an Apostolic and Prophetic House to train and raise the gifting that our Father has already prepared and to maintain and coordinate a powerful KINGDOM ministry across the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE and beyond!

(Rev 11:15)  And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.




Our goal is to raise R100 000 to launch Kings Dominion Ministries well. Please prayerfully consider giving a significant one-time donation, or partner with us to sustain this ongoing project. We are looking for monthly partners to commit to sowing R100 for the next five months (July to November).


Prayer & Intercession has the powerful ability to change things in the atmosphere and provide supernatural protection in different circumstances.

Would you commit to pray for Apostle Martin Mofokeng, Taswell Alexander and the Leadership Team and the families of Kings Dominion Ministries.

Here are some specific matters to pray for:

The Leadership & Launch Team

 Financial Provision                                                                                             

That many people will come to know Jesus and begin to operate in their gifts



Partner with us Financially

For donors who want to specify the use of their funds, please contact us directly and we will tell you the outstanding needs. We will then furnish you with the proof of such allocation.

For other donors, with proof of donation you may request a look at our account statements. While we are transparent with our accounts and transactions, we respect the anonymity of donors who do not wish to be known.

Contact: Taswell Alexander: 0611229077/ Edwina Alexander: 0617197863






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