28/06/2016 20:53


We arrived at OR Tambo Airport after ten on Wednesday evening. Apostle Martin and his team received us, but they had to wait some time for me and Edwina, because the Airport Assistants had dismantled my power wheelchair in an improper way, which caused a delay.

Eventually, Apostle Martin and Papa Simon transported myself, Edwina, my two cousins, Felicity and Pastor Charmaine to the Winchester Lodge where we were booked in from Wednesday until Monday. We arrived at the Lodge a little before midnight and we were warmly welcomed by two ladies who showed us to our two bedrooms.

Our bedroom was absolutely fabulous in design and décor and the ladies informed me that they will see to it that I will receive my breakfast in bed. Well, I can testify that I did receive breakfast in bed every morning.

Our rooms had Card keys, which we used to lock and open our bedrooms and we could also use the Card keys to open and close the big electric gate at the front of the premises. They even provided Apostle Martin and Papa Simon who was our designated driver with their own personal Card keys so that they could enter the premises at any time.

We really loved their services and their hospitality during the five nights that we stayed there. Edwina’s birthday was on Sunday the 26th of June and Felicity’s birthday was on Monday the 27th of June so both of them enjoyed their birthdays, waking up in a special Lodge far away from their normal routine in Cape Town.

Glorick and Llewellyn flew in late on Friday evening from Cape Town and also stayed at the Lodge, which means all six of us who came from Cape Town, stayed at the Winchester Lodge.